If you’re curious about fillers, these are the things to know before getting pumped up.

  1. Botox & Fillers are totally different.

You have heard of botox, you have learnt about fillers. They both help to reduce wrinkles – But did you know they are not the same thing? Botulinum toxin *Botox is the name of the brand* stops the small muscles in your face from making the movements that cause wrinkles, while dermal fillers plump from below the wrinkles to smooth them out and promote the youthful look.

Fillers also help to restore volume and has the ability to reshape and sculpt contours. Both fillers and botulinum toxins come with their own risks and sets of advantages, and they’re not really used for the same thing. If you are unsure of which is right for you, go to a doctor for an assessment to help you select the best treatment for your skin, desires, and pocketbook.

2. Good filler is invisible.

Everyone will notice, but no one will know.

Premium quality fillers are formulated to give off a smooth outcome. Overfilled syndrome or duck lips are a surefire sign of filler. Fillers must and should look natural under the hands of an expert doctor.

3. Different fillers do different things.

Different particle sizes will deliver different results. Larger particle size restores volume and sculpt bony areas while smaller particle sizes works better for addressing fine lines and plumping lips.

Do know that the most natural-looking results may require more than one weight of filler. Larger particle size for lower face enhancement, smaller size to address delicate areas like the under eyes tear trough deformity correction.

4. You can reverse and readjust fillers if you do not like the outcome.

f you’re unhappy with the way filler looks, don’t panic – if you had hyaluronic acid fillers, in most cases it can be adjusted or dissolved. The wonderful thing about hyaluronic acid fillers is that there’s an enzyme that can be injected into the area to dissolve the product.

5. If the price seems too good to be true, it probably is.

If you see a deal for inexpensive filler, be skeptical. Remember good things dont come cheap, and cheap things are usually not good. Shady beauty bargains usually involve illegal, imported products which are usually unregistered. These unregistered products have no sterility or quality and safety assurance. They can give rise to skin irritations, allergic reactions or even serious infections.

Those injections often aren’t done by doctors but by people with less training and knowledge, like beauticians.


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Dr Jessie Lim is a LCP-board certified Aesthetic Physician with MD and post-graduate certification in Aesthetics from Medical Aesthetic Certification and American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine (AAAM). She is highly specialised with special focus in filler injectables and laser therapies. Both lively and lovely, she emits a welcoming aura to everyone around her. Her warm-heartedness and genuine personality quickly bridges the gap between patients, which is crucial for her in understanding and managing a patient’s concerns and expectations.
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