It is easy to stumble upon a misconception or two when it comes to facial aesthetic treatments. Let Dr Jessie keep you aware and informed!

No way. The hollywood frozen faces are so 1990s now. Beauty trend has shifted towards achieving the “natural look”. We as trained practitioners want to preserve your original look with an additional enhancement, not create an overfilled pillow face. It surely does not look good for us as your doctor to be delivering an expression-less face. With the right amount of treatment dosage, you can be assured on 100% safety and natural outcome.

That’s not true. Firstly, botox is layman’s terms is a muscle relaxant injection. It reduces the activity of your muscles ( ie frown muscles, forehead muscles) thus leading to less contraction and wrinkles. With the appropriate frequency and amount, it reduces movement of the treated muscles for 3-5 months. It is more temporary than you think. When botox wear off after a few months, wrinkles begin to reappear BUT it does not become worse after the treatment. However, since you may be used to smoother skin and a youthful appearance, it might come as a shock when your wrinkles reappear.

Chances are you falling in love with aesthetic treatments because it makes you look so fabulous you keep wanting to come back for more, but I personally advise not to get obsessed with it. Aesthetic treatments certainly help with stimulating collagen production, slowing down aging process and making one look more youthful, but the natural aging process will never stop.

Just like any other beauty regimen or skincare, effects of aesthetic treatment will improve over time with repetitive use. Aging cant be reversed, but it can slow down with the right advice from your doctor.

There are different types of lasers, ablative and non ablative ones. Generally, medical grade lasers do not cause the skin to wear out. In fact, the right frequency and amount of medical laser treatments induce the skin to produce more collagen from within. Lasers provide skin rejuvenating benefits without needles or any downtime. I usually advise my patients to keep at least 3-4 weeks interval in between their laser treatments. This is to avoid any potential side effects of having too many laser treatments within a short period of time.

Not necessarily. First signs of aging usually appear after 25 years old. Detecting and treating them early will yield better and more long lasting results. The marketing of anti-aging services in aesthetic medicine has made people more conscious of their physical appearances and the desire to look at their best, it is recommended to have a doctor’s professional advice on selecting the most suitable treatment to address your skin concern.


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Dr Jessie Lim

Dr Jessie Lim

Dr Jessie Lim is a LCP-board certified Aesthetic Physician with MD and post-graduate certification in Aesthetics from Medical Aesthetic Certification and American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine (AAAM). She is highly specialised with special focus in filler injectables and laser therapies. Both lively and lovely, she emits a welcoming aura to everyone around her. Her warm-heartedness and genuine personality quickly bridges the gap between patients, which is crucial for her in understanding and managing a patient’s concerns and expectations.
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