Things Your Skin Doctor Won't Tell You

Despite spending thousands on your skincare every year, do you actually know about the nature of your skin? We have rounded up the secrets your doctor won’t tell you about using the right amount of moisturizers, the brutal truth about your wrinkles and if your expired skincare can still be used.

1. The Side You Sleep On Gets the Most Wrinkles

The Side You Sleep On Gets the Most Wrinkles

Yes, we can tell. Sleeping on your side creates a furrow and worsens signs of aging on one side of your face. To minimize wrinkles, fine lines and crinkled skin, the best way is to sleep on your back. You may snore, but you’ll age better, trust me.

2. A Product that Makes Your Skin Too Clean Should Not Be Used

A Product that Makes Your Skin Too Clean Should Not Be Used

If your face has a squeaky clean feel­ing after you are done wash­ing your face, you are doing it all wrong. It simply means all of the good mois­ture you should preserve has been removed. Avoid soap. If you have dry or sen­si­tive skin, wash with a gen­tle or mois­tur­iz­ing cleanser.

3. Wrinkles Are Mainly Caused by the Sun

Wrinkles Are Mainly Caused by the Sun

Sun exposure is more serious than you think. Basking in the sun will give you more than just a tan. In fact, it may be one of the major reasons you look older than you actually are. Trust me, UV damage isn’t worth it, make SPF your BFF before it’s too late!

4. Avoid Using Expired Products

Avoid Using Expired Products

There certainly are risks in using products that have expired that you have to be aware of before deciding if you want to use them. Here are a few things you should know:

  • Most products have a symbol on its label that indicates the amount of time the product can be used for after you have opened it. It looks like this:
product expiry date
  • Products made for sensitive skin typically contain less preservatives, and ingredients such as vitamin C are known to be highly unstable, so these beauty products will tend to have a shorter shelf life.
  • If your moisturiser comes in a jar, it is more susceptible to bacteria build-up compared to those you can dispense (for example, a serum that comes in a bottle with a pump).
serum bottle and pump

If you use products that are exposed with bacteria, you may risk getting an infection from your beauty product, which can cause inflamed skin, rashes, blisters, and even swelling. Also, people with sensitive skin are also prone to getting rashes and other allergies. I strictly discourage people with sensitive skin to use expired skincare products as the chemicals and ingredients in them have begun to break down.

5. Apply the Right Amount of Skincare Products

Apply the Right Amount of Skincare Products

More is more, right? Wrong! Sometimes, a pea-sized drop is all you need! There you have it a reference for you, you can thank me later. Portion control has never been easier!

how much skincare product to apply

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Dr Jessie Lim

Dr Jessie Lim

Dr Jessie Lim is a LCP-board certified Aesthetic Physician with MD and post-graduate certification in Aesthetics from Medical Aesthetic Certification and American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine (AAAM). She is highly specialised with special focus in filler injectables and laser therapies. Both lively and lovely, she emits a welcoming aura to everyone around her. Her warm-heartedness and genuine personality quickly bridges the gap between patients, which is crucial for her in understanding and managing a patient’s concerns and expectations.
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