Christmas shopping, check! Christmas parties, check!

How about your festive ready glowing skin? With all the energy that goes into planning parties and thinking of the perfect Secret Santa gift for your loved ones, it’s easy to lose sight of what your skin needs this festive season.

Here’s some handy tips to give yourself a boost of radiance this festive week.

It can be tempting to try every product your favourite influencer or Sephora pop up ads recommends, but here’s the truth. Introducing new skincare can do more harm than good. In fact, it is crucial to stick with your regular regime that you are familiar with. Of course, make sure that is if it is not causing your skin to purge at the moment. You could be potentially be allergic to a certain ingredient in the new product. Consult a doctor if you have to change into something different during a crucial period of time.

Extra tip: Do not overexfoliate.

It’s essential to exfoliate however overexfoliating it with a physical scrub can cause sensitivity reactions or inflammation. Use a clay mask or chemical exfoliators ( such as mild AHAs) instead if you have to take away those dirt build up from your mask or excessive make up this festive season.

It’s tough to resist the pampering session though. Go for a hydrating facial or a brightening laser without downtime if you need a relaxing spa day. Remember to pass on the extractions.

I cannot stress this enough. Watch, your, lifestyle. No matter how tempting those christmas cookies or snacks are, your day to day diet can cause endless skin problems. Think : acne to congestion and dead skin cells build up! Avoid food with processed sugar, excessive caffein/alcohol and trans fats as much as possible.

Apart from ingesting adequate water daily, there are several ways you can add as an extra dose of hydration. Bring out your favourite sheet masks and feel free to drench your skin in the precious hydrating essence.

Whether you have dry or oily skin, it is necessary to hydrate the skin to maintain the barrier of your skin. Look for ingredients like hyaluronic acid and vitamin E to add extra TLC to dehydrated and stressed skin. Make sure you take the product down to your neck and chest too, those areas get dry too!

You have likely heard of antioxidants in food ( such as berries) but did you know they exist in topical skincare too? Feel free to add an antioxidant into your routine by picking up a vitamin C serum. It’s a targeted potent treatment that addresses a skin concern AND protect our skin from UV damage, free radicals and oxidative stress from late nights this festive season. The burst of antioxidants on your skin help to brighten up skin complexion. Consult a doctor for the right antioxidant formula for your skin.

Of course, getting on a consistent, expert approved routine will do more for your skin than a brand-new off the rack sale item could ever do. Plus, you wouldn’t want to have any unexpected breakouts or rashes to deal with this Christmas, would you?


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Dr Jessie Lim

Dr Jessie Lim

Dr Jessie Lim is a LCP-board certified Aesthetic Physician with MD and post-graduate certification in Aesthetics from Medical Aesthetic Certification and American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine (AAAM). She is highly specialised with special focus in filler injectables and laser therapies. Both lively and lovely, she emits a welcoming aura to everyone around her. Her warm-heartedness and genuine personality quickly bridges the gap between patients, which is crucial for her in understanding and managing a patient’s concerns and expectations.
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