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Fillers vs Botox
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Fillers vs Botox: Which is Better?

‘ Fillers vs Botox. Which one is suitable for me? Or both?’ This is a frequent question asked by my lovely patients such as : “Doctor, which is better, fillers or Botox ?” “Doctor, I saw my friend do Botox or Filler, I want to do too, can I do the same?” First of all, let me share with you the differences between fillers and botulinum toxin (Botox). Then, you can decide what is best for you. What Are Fillers? Dermal fillers are injectable implants approved by FDA to add on volume, soften lines and wrinkles on the face. The …

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I want a full forehead!

Big eyes, defined sharp nose and sultry lips – those are the features that were promoted incessantly on cosmetics and skin care products. But did you know that forehead and eyebrow region contributes to the whole overall beauty of the face?  Now, look again carefully at your face. Does your forehead and brow area looks saggy? Do you think you have a flat forehead? The Chinese have a myth that a full forehead signifies prosperity and good fortune. If you are looking for prosperity and good fortune then read on! Thought of undergoing a surgical procedure to lift up your …

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Body contouring with botox

Botulinum toxin or rather known as botox is that miracle toxin that helps to eliminate wrinkles. It is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures all over the world and is no stranger to those seeking perfection in their face. However, do you know botulinum toxin have other benefits like body contouring ? Well, now you know! Besides making your face slimmer , it can also help relieve shoulder aches, improve posture and tension headaches! How amazing is that? How does Botulinum Toxin help in body contouring? Previously I’ve mentioned about the functions of botox here. But just a recap …

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My face is sagging!

Our patients often ask us for a miracle antidote that can make them look younger and fresher. Well, to be honest, this is not an easy feat. But, is there a way to combat sagging?  Do you find yourself pulling back the skin to make your skin tauter and make the lines disappear? Do you notice the deepening crease of your nasolabial fold and prominent jowls? If you do, then continue reading to understand how it happens.  So why does our skin tend to sag as we age? Why do we look old? Firstly, sagging on the face is contributed …

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8 facts on botox

Botox – a common treatment that is loved by many and yet, misunderstood by many. We probably may know someone who has done botox and looked like they spent a fortune eating collagen. No fine lines, no wrinkles! Isn’t that great? But whenever I recommend botox to my patients, they will immediately declare: ‘I don’t want to look like < insert name of some celebrity > ’ Is this true though? Will you have that kind of frozen look after botox? Well, let me put the rumors to rest and answer all the burning questions you may have! ( wow …