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My Profhilo Experience – A Doctor’s Perspective

The buzz is all about Profhilo as it’s hailed as one of the best aesthetic inventions. In fact, it has clinched a few of the ‘BEST AESTHETIC INNOVATION’ awards recently. Of course, with all that hype, I, of all people HAVE to try it right? Well, I have combination skin all my life. I never really had a big issue with my skin all while but it’s a known fact that my T zone is oilier and my cheeks are a little drier. Fun fact : I have never really use any serums until year 2019. My skin care regime …

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My face is sagging!

Our patients often ask us for a miracle antidote that can make them look younger and fresher. Well, to be honest, this is not an easy feat. But, is there a way to combat sagging?  Do you find yourself pulling back the skin to make your skin tauter and make the lines disappear? Do you notice the deepening crease of your nasolabial fold and prominent jowls? If you do, then continue reading to understand how it happens.  So why does our skin tend to sag as we age? Why do we look old? Firstly, sagging on the face is contributed …

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The New Kid On The Block – Profhilo®

What is Profhilo? Discover more about the latest injectable skincare ! Profhilo (also Known as 逆時針) is neither a filler nor a skin booster, I call it the biostimulating skin filler. It is a skin remodelling injectable. Profhilo is a powerful bio-stimulator that is able to remodel skin tissue at multi-layer of the skin tissue. It contains: 2 types of hyaluronic acid: L-HA and H-HA.  L-HA hybrid complex is released slowly and hydrates your skin, providing the Hydro effect. H-HA provides a stable HA architecture in the dermis that allows volumetric replacement, giving the Lift effect. Why does Profhilo stand out from the …