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Facial and Medifacial – Are They The Same?

Differences between a Facial and Medifacial. A standard conventional facial only provides pampering and is usually not treating the skin. They also generally include harsh exfoliation ( usage of scrubs), which strips the skins barrier. Instead of rough exfoliation or a chemical peel, medi-facials use natural prescription strength ingredients to speed up cellular turnover, remove dead skin cells and repair the skin leaving it refreshed and healthy looking, without compromising and damaging its protective barrier. Medifacials are evidence based skin treatments which uses medically proven ingredients to improve different skin concerns. The medical grade ingredients reach the dermis to combat …

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Why Facial Laser beats a facial everytime

A Guide to Laser Facial Treatments. You may have noticed that laser treatments have become more and more common now, and you’re itching to try them out too. Here’s why they’re the most popular skin treatment now and what you need to know about a laser facial. 1. Laser Facial are targeted treatments. Facial lasers utilise a laser machine to target the unwanted skin condition beneath the surface. These methods are much more effective than traditional facials as it effectively reduces blemishes, acne marks and comedones. 2. Addressing problems from skin deep Conventional facials only treat the surface on the skin. …