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My Profhilo Experience – A Doctor’s Perspective

The buzz is all about Profhilo as it’s hailed as one of the best aesthetic inventions. In fact, it has clinched a few of the ‘BEST AESTHETIC INNOVATION’ awards recently. Of course, with all that hype, I, of all people HAVE to try it right? Well, I have combination skin all my life. I never really had a big issue with my skin all while but it’s a known fact that my T zone is oilier and my cheeks are a little drier. Fun fact : I have never really use any serums until year 2019. My skin care regime …

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Why Picosure?

Say hello to our latest baby : Picosure In search for a fix that helps discolored and damaged skin? Pico Laser can help with that. But with so many pico lasers out there, how do you know which is the right one for you? Well, be sure it’s Picosure! The beauty world was suddenly abuzzed to the word ‘ Pico Laser’ as it suddenly became a hit worldwide. Read more about Pico lasers here. Pico Laser or also known as Picosecond laser is the newest type of laser but there are different brands out there like PicoSure, Picoplus, Picoway, PicoSure, …

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Skin Booster: How Does It Work? Do I Really Need It?

In general, we start losing collagen and elastin in our mid twenties. Our epidermis becomes thinner and signs of aging begin to show on our face and neck. Hence, it is never too early to start on skin booster. What is skin booster? Skin booster is commonly known as ‘水光针’ in mandarin. As the name suggests, skin booster is a product injected into the skin via microneedles to give the skin a boost– of hydration and rejuvenation. They also stimulate collagen & elastin production at cellular level thus reducing signs of aging. What is skin booster made of? Skin boosters …