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Top treatments for dark eye circles

There are two school of thoughts when it comes to the treatments of dark eye circles – the skin care junkie who believes in eye creams and the other who doesn’t quite believe it. Some eye creams are highly raved and reviewed but can it solve ALL your dark eye circles problem? Now that’s a question to be pondered upon. For me personally, I believe in eye creams for hydration of the skin and perhaps, to a certain extent of lightening pigments but when it comes to solving dark eye circles, I beg to differ. Creams can help but only …

Dark Eye Circles

What causes dark eye circles?

Are you fed up of people telling that you look tired? Are you also trying to cover up your racoon eyes but even with the most expensive concealors, you still look like you haven’t slept in ages? Well, you may be having dark eye circles. Dark eye circles and eye bags can be easily confused as it seems similar. Dark eye circle is the darkening of the lower eyelid which may impart a dull and tired look. Dark under eye circles become very noticeable because the lower eyelid skin is one of the thinnest areas of skin in the body …