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Face Lifting Treatments – Fotona 4D vs HIFU

Face lift surgery used to be the only method to help with skin tightening and skin lifting, thanks to the advancement of technology, today, there are many non-surgical, non-invasive options for face lifting. These treatments help with face lifting by stimulating collagen and elastin production.

We lose collagen at the rate of 1% per year. As we age, collagen on our face is getting lesser and we start to have facial volume loss, sagging skin and wrinkles. Therefore, collagen stimulating treatments are necessary to keep us looking younger.

Fotona4D and HIFU treatments are two famous and excellent examples of non-surgical face lift options. We will be diving into more details as to how they work and which one is more suitable for you.

Fotona 4D vs HIFU – Which skin tightening treatment am I more suitable for

Fotona 4D

Fotona4D facelift is an exciting and unique non invasive laser treatment that uses 4 synergistic modalities with different wavelengths and modes to achieve younger looking skin and helps with skin lifting.

It is usually done in a series of 4-6 sessions, depending on your skin age. Results are cumulative, it volumizes, tightens, thickens and lifts up the skin especially at the mid face apple cheek area.  

Aside from lifting, this procedure also provides effective freshening and rejuvenation of the entire skin surface, helpful to improve pores and wrinkles.  


No downtime

No pain

Immediate results

Long lasting results

Cumulative results with each treatment

Natural results

Able to cover most areas of the face


Requires multiple session (4-6)

This treatment is suitable for you if you have mid cheek sagging, prominent smile lines at the same time wish to improve your skin.

High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU)

HIFU on the other hand, involves the use of ultrasound therapy to stimulate the long term production of collagen in the deep layers of the skin. HIFU energy able to penetrate to deep dermis, subcutaneous and SMAS later, stimulating collagen along the way and give improvement in skin tightness and firmness


Instantly visible lift seen

Improvement of lifting over months

Long lasting results

Non invasive

Reduce size of chubby cheeks


Treatment can be painful

Not suitable for thin-skinned and lack of fat on the face

Limited treatment areas

Limited results on skin surface

HIFU bypasses much of the skin layers to reach deeper down to the SMAS layer, because of this, it can give a better and longer lasting collagen stimulating effects. Like many other tightening treatments, you only get skin tightening results from HIFU. HIFU does not improve the skin surface like Fotona 4D.   

HIFU is suitable for you if you wish to improve on the chubby cheeks and have prominent sagging jowls.

In conclusion, both these 2 amazing non-invasive treatments give amazing lifting results to our face. HIFU can penetrate deeper and give a better lifting and longer natural collagen stimulating results. On the other hand, Fotona4D covers more areas of the face, and with its additional benefits on skin surface, as a result, it gives a pleasant pearly finish to the skin in addition to the tightening and lifting effect.

And if you think both are great non invasive lifting treatments and both are suitable for you, why not try both? You can definitely try them both and experience the results yourself!

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Dr Yeong Bin has always nurtured a keen interest in the field of cosmetology and aesthetic medicine. He is particularly drawn to minimally invasive aesthetic treatments which can significantly enhance the quality of life and allow one to age gracefully.