Open Pores – How to Treat Them?

Open Pores

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Pores are a common problem for most people. The effective way to reduce pores is to identify the cause of it and treat the root of the pore-blem.

Recently, I’ve been getting loads of anxious questions from customers (like you) who are concerned about their pore size.. Calm down girls! ( and boys) – We all have different skin types and we age over time – it is a natural process after all!

Here’s what a normal pore looks like VS an enlarged, clogged pore and an aging pore.

Normal Pore vs Open, Aging Pores

Open Pores

A large open pore is more commonly seen in oily skin types and acne prone skin. These kind of pores usually appear more clogged and congested. On the other hand, an aging pore usually appears more stretched and saggy.

To understand how you can treat enlarged pores, it is necessary to understand the various causes behind them so we can treat them precisely.

Causes of Open Pores

Open Pores

Ageing is inevitable, isn’t it? The elastin and collagen that support your pores diminish over time – leading to less “bounce back” in your skin. This can be due to hormonal changes and changes in our connective tissues as well.

Apart of aging, people who are more exposed to sun damage are proned to getting bigger pores. This is due to the constant UV exposure that causes a disruption to the collagen. Also, our skin produces more sebum ( read: oil) when it’s hot.

When oil collects in your pores, it makes them appear larger, and in turn collect more dirt and dead skin cells, thus enlarging them further. Which also explains why most of my patients with easily clogged, acne prone skin often develop more visible pores

How to Reduce Pores

Open Pores

We have a variety of medical treatments to prevent and treat open pores.

At home, one can consider topical remedies with ingredients such as retinol, antioxidants and mild acids to exfoliate and prevent early signs of aging.

Every 3-6 weeks, medical grade facials like Kaiteki Signature Hydroglow Facial helps to exfoliate deep cleanse congested pores. Physical exfoliation like excessive usage of scrubs should be avoided as the mechanical abrasion can result in irritated skin.

Medical lasers and HIFU help in the formation of new collagen fibers in case of loss of skin elasticity.

Last but not least, in the pursuit of amazing almost pore-less skin, there are certain things that are deal breakers. For some, that’s anything to do with needles. Here’s some of my personal favourite skin injectables that refine pores and skin texture.

Open Pores

Final words

For effective and long lasting pore reduction, kindly contact Kaiteki at 010-3818170 to schedule an appointment!

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