Acne Scars

what is pico laser?

What Is Pico Laser? What’s The Hype?

Table of Contents Introduction Well, if you’re reading this, let me assure you that it’s not too late to jump on the Pico Laser hype boat and find out more why is it so popular!   Do you have such problems

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chemical peel

The Wonders of Chemical Peel

I am sure many of you heard of chemical peel. But does it sound as scary as it seems? Did you imagine a face being splashed by acid ? Well, I can assure you that’s not the case! Chemical peels

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Mesotherapy VS microneedling

Mesotherapy VS Microneedling

Table of Contents Are mesotherapy and microneedling the same? The quick answer would be—no, they are 2 different techniques. Generally when people hear about getting a needle anywhere near their faces, they tend to cringe. But later on, they realize

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picosure laser

Picosure Laser: 6 Main Questions Answered

Table of Contents Picosure Laser: Say hello to our latest baby In search for a fix that helps discolored and damaged skin? Pico Laser can help with that. But with so many pico lasers out there, how do you know

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