Get Better Skin with Plinest Treatment

Table of Contents Introduction Plinest® treatment is an injectable skin booster made from polynucleotide (PN), which are DNA molecules extracted from Italian trout using patented Highly Purified Technology (HPT) patented by Mastelli Aesthetic, Italy. Plinest addresses various skin concerns, including

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Can PRP Injection Speed Up Healing for Injuries?

Table of Contents What is Platelet Rich Plasma Injections? Platelet Rich Plasma or PRP Injection for short is a concentrate of Platelet Rich Plasma protein that involves separation of the former from the whole blood through centrifuge. This concentration of

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Open Pores

Open Pores – How to Treat Them?

Table of Contents Introduction Pores are a common problem for most people. The effective way to reduce pores is to identify the cause of it and treat the root of the pore-blem. Recently, I’ve been getting loads of anxious questions

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Mesotherapy VS microneedling

Mesotherapy VS Microneedling

Table of Contents Are mesotherapy and microneedling the same? The quick answer would be—no, they are 2 different techniques. Generally when people hear about getting a needle anywhere near their faces, they tend to cringe. But later on, they realize

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