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What Is Ceramide and How Do They Work for Skin?

Table of Contents introduction Ceramide is a type of fatty acids naturally occur in the uppermost layers of our skin. Ceramide is the main component for a healthy skin barrier, they are the ‘mortar’ holding in between the skin cells

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dull skin tone

Dull Skin Tone: Why Do I Have It? Top 5 Causes

Table of Contents introduction We all want dewy skin tone, don’t we. Who wants dull skin?  But maintaining our skin radiance is not always easy. The sad truth is that our skin is constantly missing the ‘glow’ we all long

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sheet mask

Sheet Masks: 5 Facts You Didn’t Know About

Table of Contents Find out more trivias about sheet masks ! DID YOU KNOW THAT…. 1. Sheet Masks were invented by Japanese Geishas. Geishas were the ancient beauty junkies. They would take pieces of excess silk they used for their

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facial vs medifacial

Facial vs Medifacial : Are They The Same?

Differences between a Facial and Medifacial A standard conventional facial only provides pampering and is usually not treating the skin. They also generally include harsh exfoliation ( usage of scrubs), which strips the skins barrier. Instead of rough exfoliation or

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skin pigmentation

Can Skin Care Help with Pigmentation?

Firstly, how well do you know your skin? Do you know that we can classify and define different skin types like different personalities?  Before we dive into the topics of skin care and pigmentation, let’s see explore what is the

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