sagging skin

Sagging Skin! What Should I Do?

Table of Contents Introduction Our patients often ask us for a miracle antidote that can make them look younger and fresher. Well, to be honest, this is not an easy feat. But, is there a way to combat sagging?  Do

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HIFU Treatment: The 9 Important Concerns

Table of Contents What is HIFU treatment? High intensity focused ultrasound, otherwise known as HIFU, is a non invasive facelift. It does not involve any needles or downtime. HIFU utilises extremely concentrated ultrasound energy to tighten the skin and reduce

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Vaginal Tightening Laser

Vaginal Tightening Laser – Treatment & Causes

Table of Contents What is Vaginal Tightening Laser? Vaginal tightening laser is a treatment that uses specialized heat therapy from the laser to improve the strength and tone of the vaginal canal and the cervical column by triggering the production

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face lifting

Face Lifting Treatments – Fotona 4D vs HIFU

Table of Contents What is Face Lifting Treatment For? Face lifting treatment used to be the only method to help with skin tightening and skin lifting, thanks to the advancement of technology, today, there are many non-surgical, non-invasive options for

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