Sheet Masks: 5 Facts You Didn’t Know About

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Find out more trivias about sheet masks !


1. Sheet Masks were invented by Japanese Geishas.

Geishas were the ancient beauty junkies. They would take pieces of excess silk they used for their garments, soak them in flower petal water, and use the sheets of silk as a sheet. The effects from rose petals then helped to calm down inflammation, reverse free radical damage, and soften skin. How innovative!

2. Sheet Masks can bring negative effects to the skin

If not used properly. Excess dirt and makeup trapped underneath a mask can reverse the benefits of the sheet mask. Don’t get the steps wrong, always cleanse and exfoliate before you apply the mask.

3. Sheet masks ARE NOT a magic miracle.

I find it amusing when my patients tell me they resort to sheet masks whenever they encounter with any skin issues. While sheet mask benefits are real, truth is they can’t do it all. 

In particular, don’t expect your sheet mask to unclog your pores or provide long lasting deep hydration. They do give the skin an extra short-lived boost of hydration however if a dry skin is not moisturised regularly, most likely the skin will go back to its Sahara state very quickly. Sheet masks with moisturizing ingredients are like a drink of water for your skin. In simple words, a glass now doesn’t mean you won’t be thirsty again later.

4. You do not need to wash your face after removing a sheet mask

Unless it’s a clay/mud mask. Any other sheet masks do not require washing after removing. It will defeat the purpose of hydrating the skin in the first place! For more optimal results, you can seal the active ingredients with a moisturizer ( pick a light weight moisturizer for oily/acne proned skin).

5. Always remove a sheet mask while it’s still moist.

Do not let it dry out on your face, because chances are, you are actually causing more harm than good to your skin. In worse situations, if the mask contains salicylic acid/acidic ingredients, it might even cause redness, itchiness and irritation.

EXTRA TIP: Most of the days I have dry skin, my topmost favourite pick will be Dr Jart Dermask Vital Hydra Solution. Prior to a red carpet event or a special event, I’ll always go to my trusty Kaiteki Hydroglow Hyaluronic Acid & Vitamin C Mask for an extra boost of glow. On days when the hormones are acting up and I feel congested, I’d go for a clay mask with salicylic acid. I’d recommend the Dermaceutic Oil Reducing Mask 15. What is your favourite sheet mask, girls? 

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