The Fotona Laser is a unique laser treatment, for skin rejuvenation and treating sagging skin. Yes, you read that right, with Fotona 4D Laser, now you can achieve face lifting results from a laser treatment which is non-surgical, painless and comfortable.

This laser uses two complementary superior laser wavelengths to dramatically improve the clinical results on your face. It works well on all skin type, it is a quick procedure to achieve smoother, tighter, and more youthful looking skin.

How Fotona Laser works?

fotona laser

The Fotona Laser treatment is made up of 4 stages, delivering both immediate and long lasting results to all layers of our face.

Stage 1 – Gentle bulk heating from inside the mouth

This stage targets the muscle layer of the cheeks, heat energy from laser will stimulate collagen formation and help to improve smiling lines and reduce lines and wrinkles around the mouth.

Stage 2 – Rejuvenation

This stage targets the dermis layer of our skin (deeper layer of our skin), able to rejuvenate the skin and improve skin inflammation and uneven skin tone.

Stage 3 – Skin tightening

This stage targets mainly the subcutaneous layer, the laser energy heats up tissue safely and rapidly, helps with lifting, firming, tighten the skin and reduce fat tissues around the cheeks.

Stage 4 – Light peel

Finally, the treatment ends with a light peel. This is to remove first layer of dead skin cells, smooths uneven skin texture and reduce skin imperfections.

Together these four laser stages able to target all layers of our face without causing any pain to the skin. By the end of the treatment, the skin will be lifted, more youthful with a healthy glow.

Why do we love Fotona Laser so much?

-No downtime
-Instant and long lasting results
-Great for all skin types

fotona laser before after

How many treatments will I require?

As every patient’s skin is unique, we provide a personalized program suited to your needs. In most cases, patients will see significant results and lifting after the first session. However, to achieve the best desire results, it is recommended to perform 3-4 sessions of Fotona 4D, 3-4 weeks apart. You can also do this treatment every 3-6 month once as maintenance for a healthy skin.

Yeong Bin Dr

Yeong Bin Dr

Dr Yeong Bin has always nurtured a keen interest in the field of cosmetology and aesthetic medicine. He is particularly drawn to minimally invasive aesthetic treatments which can significantly enhance the quality of life and allow one to age gracefully.
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