Acne Scars and Marks: 6 Tips That You Must Follow!

acne scars and marks

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Acne scars and marks on the face can come and go, but some of these go a step further to leave an unwanted mark or scar which can be quite bothersome. Ugh!

The first thing that should be addressed is the root of the problem, which is the acne itself. Acne scars are often the product of an inflamed lesion; this is what happens when the pore is engorged with excess oil, dead skin cells and bacteria. The more superficial the inflammation, the less chances of it leaving a scar.

When there is a deep break in the follicle wall, that is when infected material spills into the dermis and destroys healthy tissue. As a natural response, your body then tries to repair the damage by forming new collagen fibers.

Unfortunately during this repair process, the tissue restoration does not always come out perfect and we end up with a mark or scar that can be quite stressful or may even cause social isolation.

6 Tips to Manage Your Acne Scars and Marks

You might have heard some of these before, but these are some reminders and tips to help with your acne issues.

1. Don’t Panic

Most people feel depressed thinking that this is a hopeless situation or—”will it ever go away?”. There are many methods to get rid of those marks and scars, but you need to trust the process. Tissue healing and regeneration is something that happens over time, even if you may not visibly see it. So don’t easily give up halfway.

2. Don’t pick at your acne!

As tempting as it may be, picking on it or forcefully squeezing acne will disrupt the healing process and you often end up with a worse mark or deeper scar. Let a professional help you with acne injections to calm it down quicker, or you may need oral or topical medications to help with it.

3. Skincare, skincare, skincare.

Establish a regular non-comedogenic, exfoliating skincare. This will avoid congestion, reduce excess oil, encourage cell turnover and in return keep a healthy skin environment and reduce chances of acne breakouts.

4. Learn about the type of scar.

Get help to identify the type of acne scars and best way to tackle it. We are in an advanced world now where there are many methods and devices to help us. Be it lasers, injectables like polynucleotides, chemical peels – as long as done correctly under the hands of a professional, healing is only a matter of time.

5. Cleansing is key!

Do regular facials and cleanse well daily. Your skin has feelings too—when it’s being taken care of, it will be happy and healthy.

6. Take the first step.

Be brave and start with some treatments! As scary as certain things might sound like, especially those that involve needles; there is a reason why you have been advised to do it, and there are many approved products and technologies that can help you. Rather than staying put and feeling bad about those imperfections in the mirror, you CAN do something about it!

Always remember, baby steps can lead you to great things.

Do consult Kaiteki’s certified aesthetic doctor to determine if you have any enquires!

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