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The fountain of youth or the holy grail have always been depicted in stories as aging is inevitable and the quest for longevity has been in constant pursuit. Aging sneaks up on you. One moment you’re talking about the hottest bar in town, the next decade later, you find yourself talking about relaxing massages and health checkups.

Your body will change as you age , just like your priorities and partners (wink) as you go through different decades and stages of life.

Here's what I've noticed about my skin.

When I was a teenager, my skin was relatively quite oily and I started using skincare products like Johnson’s and Johnson’s Clean and Clear face wash. Of course, I did have some breakouts and my mom used to bring to me to beauty salons for some facials. Thankfully, I didn’t have to suffer much from painful extractions.

I entered the 20s with combination skin. During this period, I could use most skincare products except for cream based moisturizers which will lead to some breakouts. That was the time when Instagram did not exist ( oops, now you know my age) and I had not much of knowledge about skincare. I just bought the light weight gels from Laneige just because it was not sticky.

Then, as I grew more matured and go into my mid 30s, I realized that my skin has changed drastically. My skin became more dehydrated and whenever I have that occasional acne, it takes a long time to recover. On top of that, my skin also became more sensitive. Long gone were the days where I could experiment with skin care products. Now, I have identified a few skincare products that is suitable for my skin and looks like I have to stick with it for some time.

What worked in our 20s won’t do us any favors in our 30s — or 40s. If the goal is to maintain a youthful, dewy glow well into our golden years, we need to tailor our skin care regimen accordingly to our age.

Here’s the ultimate guide to choosing a skincare product :

Teenagers and 20s

At around the age of twelve and heading into the teenage years, the structure and function of a person’s skin is almost similar to that of an adult. The skin becomes oily and acne-prone due to disturbed skin shedding and increased sebum production. If you do have breakouts around this age, it is quite normal.


  1. Foaming cleansers if you have very oily skin. If you have combination skin, you can go for a gentle cleansing solution.
  2. Salicylic acids ( BHA) and lactic acid/ glycolic acid ( AHA) is your best friend when it comes to exfoliating the skin. Do not use physical scrubs as it may injure your skin.
  3. For oily , acne prone skin , use a light weight moisturizer.


In Your 30s

In your late 20s and 30s, the skin starts to be thinner and sensitive due to lifestyle, genetics, and environmental factors. You may also start experiencing the first signs of aging, such as fine lines. Skin barrier may also be easily disrupted.

  1. Gentle cleansers – non foaming, non drying cleansers
  2. Add in hyaluronic acid which can attract water into the skin to increase it’s suppleness.
  3. Retinol is also recommended to increase skin elasticity and to decrease fine lines.
  4. You may need to change your moisturizer to something a little richer compared to the ones you’re using when you’re younger.


In Your 40s and Above

Over the next few years, the structure of the skin gradually changes. Collagen starts to degrade at the rate of approximately 1% and you will see more fine lines and wrinkle formation. At this age, more pigmentation is visible.

The skin barrier is weaker and hence, easier for patients skin to be infected as well. Of course, one might experience more dehydrated skin. Don’t get me wrong, you may still secrete out oil, but there will definitely be some element of water loss from the skin.

  1. Gentle cleansers will never go wrong
  2. The neck and décolleté area might start to look crepey as well. Don’t forget to apply skin care on your neck and decollete areas.
  3. Add in antioxidants like vitamin C or peptides to fight the free radicals and reverse some damage which you might be experiencing
  4. Ceramide reinforces skin barrier and can prevent further dryness.


Final Words

If you have been using skin care regularly and felt like nothing has worked , it is time for you to visit a licensed practitioner to consult further. Sometimes, what you may need is more extensive than just facials and skin care. Remember, your car needs servicing once in a while. Your body will definitely need it too!

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