Why Facial Laser Beats a Facial Everytime?

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You may have noticed that laser treatments have become more and more common now, and you’re itching to try them out too. Here’s why they’re the most popular skin treatment now and what you need to know about a laser facial.

Laser Facial are targeted treatments.

Facial lasers utilise a laser machine to target the unwanted skin condition beneath the surface. These methods are much more effective than traditional facials as it effectively reduces blemishes, acne marks and comedones.

Addressing problems from skin deep

Conventional facials only treat the surface on the skin. Laser treatments, on the other hand helps to restore the collagen production for healthier, younger skin. 

For skin conditions such as acne/pigmentation, the root of the problem is also targeted at the deeper layers of the skin, not just on the surface.

Results from a laser facial lasts longer than a basic facial.

Yes, your skin does feel softer and smoother after a facial, however the results will likely fade after a few days. I’m sure you can relate with that. 

With an additional laser treatment, the after-effects of a medifacial is often enhanced and promises longer lasting results. Often times, my patients squeal in happiness when they look into their mirror after a facial laser, the result is almost instant and significant.

Quality over quantity, Less repeated appointments

Because conventional facials results aren’t as effective or permanent, you’ll most likely find yourself hopping to another salon or going for another session to maintain your results. With laser facial treatment, you get to resume your normal routine with improved skin conditions and spending less for repeated sessions. 

You get the best of both worlds.

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A 2 in 1 Laser Facial treatment gives you the promising effects of a laser, and the safe & pampering component of a facial. You don’t have to choose between comfort and effectiveness – you can have them both!

Minimum Cost, Maximum Benefits

At Kaiteki Medical Spa, our team of doctor and highly professional skin therapists are committed to providing a comfortable, relaxing laser facial experience for all men and women seeking these treatment. Laser facial is also priced at a reasonable amount so everyone gets to enjoy the maximum benefits at minimal cost. We also offer discounted packages that includes a free treatment. 

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