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sagging skin

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Our patients often ask us for a miracle antidote that can make them look younger and fresher. Well, to be honest, this is not an easy feat. But, is there a way to combat sagging? 

Do you find yourself pulling back the skin to make your skin tauter and make the lines disappear? Do you notice the deepening crease of your nasolabial fold and prominent jowls? If you do, then continue reading to understand how it happens. 

So why does our skin tend to sag as we age? Why do we look old?

Firstly, sagging on the face is contributed by anatomical restructuring and skin laxity. This can occur due to a few reasons. 

UV Exposure 

Our skin starts to lose its elasticity when we get exposed to UV rays over the years on this earth. Ultraviolet light (UV) is a higher energy version of the visible light we see and this is present in sunlight. It can damage our cells and tissues at a molecular level. 

Truck driver with continous exposure of sunlight on left side of face. See the difference it made! 

UV light activates receptors that produce the enemy of firm skin: matrix metalloproteinases. These enzymes break down collagen. Without adequate protection from the UV light, there will be a reduction in the levels of collagen and elastin which is the structural support of skin.  On top of that, UV light also slows down the deposition of new collagen and thus, causing the elasticity and volume to diminish as we age. 


Structural rearrangements due to genetics 

Secondly, as nature dictates, as we age, there are also structural rearrangements going on behind the scenes. When we are young, the fats in our face are evenly distributed. With age, the fats we have in our face will gravitate downwards, some pockets of fats lose volume and features that were formerly round may sink and sag. On top of that, repeated contractions of certain facial mimetic muscles cause excessive resting tone of muscles, giving rise to wrinkles and imbalanced distribution of muscle strength. 

Lastly, there is also reabsorption or loss of bone of the face with time and thus, skin can no longer tighten around it. 

The effects of sagging are usually more noticeable around the cheek and jaw area especially when there is a loss of fat in the middle of the face. 


Hormonal changes 

Another key reason of why women suffer from sagging skin is because there is a loss of estrogen as they age. Estrogen encourage cells called fibroblasts to produce collagen. Hence, once a lady reaches menopause, aging is more evident and pronounced. 

With these factors contributing to aging skin and saggy look, can we combat it?

Well answer is, you can slow down the aging process by


One of the most researched skin care ingredient is Vitamin A. It’s the skincare ingredient that needs no introduction.  From working wonders on fine lines and wrinkles, to improving skin’s texture, reducing scarring and enlarged pores. It’s also great for people with acne. 

Retinol is a over the counter Vitamin A derivative which increases cell turnover rate. It boosts the amount of collagen your body makes and plumps out skin, cutting down fine lines and wrinkles. 

HIFU (High-intensity Focused Ultrasound/ Ultherapy)

HIFU is considered one of the painless and non-surgical treatment options for skin tightening. Fun fact : It is also featured in Blink Empire on Netflix  ! So that’s how these women don’t age and look saggy! 

HIFU uses ultrasound energy to heat up the tissues below the surface of the skin, notably the SMAS ( Superficial muscular aponeurotic system) thus stimulating collagen production for a healthier and tighter skin.

This treatment usually takes about 20-40 minutes depending on the are and number of shots.  

The outcome of this treatment is both natural and long-lasting. It is designed to lift, tighten and tone sagging skin on the face and around the eyes as well as on the neck and chest. 

The best part of it all? There is virtually no downtime! 



Profhilo has been hailed as THE latest anti- aging holy grail. It has garnered various awards for it’s innovation in the aesthetic industry for being a game changer which provides HYDRATION and LIFTING at the same time. 

The unique hybrid complex of hyaluronic acid is able to kickstart collagen and elastin production in the different layers of the skin. 

Profhilo also recruits adipocyte stem cells and enhances renewal of cell for better elasticity and support of the cells.


Dermal Fillers/ Botox 

Fillers and botox are no strangers to those venturing into aesthetic medicine. It is also known as the liquid facelift. Small amounts of fillers can be placed strategically in the face to support, volumize and contour the face. The effect is almost immediate and rewarding. 

For instance, dark eye circles / tear through loss of volume can be treated easily with fillers. Fillers can also plump up the cheeks, giving it volume so you can avoid looking gaunt and saggy! 



Threads are very fine absorbable sutures that can be placed under the skin. This is suitable for patients who have migration of fat pads. The threads are able to stimulate collagen and also lift saggy cheeks and marionette lines.

Some of the common brands of threadlifts are : Aptos, Silhoutte Soft, Mint lift and Happy Lift. 

Of course, compared to fillers, threadlifts are slightly more invasive and may have a longer downtime compared to fillers. 

Be sure to consult your doctor to see if you’re suitable for this procedure!

Other Thoughts

Coming back to sagging issues, it is vital to start anti-aging regimes at around late 20s so the rate of collagen degradation can be slowed down. 

Aging definitely affects all depths of the skin and therefore it also also involves hyperpigmentation, deflation of fat pads, enlarged pores and wrinkles. 

There isn’t a one size fits all treatment and choosing a right medical practitioner can assess your skin carefully to recommend a suitable treatment for you. 


Feeling like having a makeover? Well, if you have any burning questions, do get back to us ! 

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