The Five Most Common Areas for Fillers

common area for fillers

The two main reasons why people want fillers: 

  • Aging. Age can show up in a variety of ways. Hollow cheeks, thinning lips and sunken temples, you name it. 
  • Wanting to look more attractive and enhance facial contour.

Every year, over a million people, men and women of all ages go for fillers. Dermal filler injection is a cost-effective way to slow the roll of age and improve facial features without having to undergo surgery.

Where are the most common areas to have fillers injected? Let’s take a look! 


Lip augmentation is growing in popularity with clients of all ages. Dermal fillers can 

  • enhance volume 
  • reduce fine lines or lip fissures
  • improve on the shape & contour of the lips

The process is done by a soft, hyaluronic acid based dermal filler being injected into the lips. This is what fills out the lips and creates the desired shape and size.

Typically, a patient receives a jawline filler if he or she has a weak jawline. This area requires more volume ( usually 3 or more syringes of fillers depending on the condition and type of fillers) 

Beauty is all about symmetry and proportions. Dermal fillers help to balance out the proportions of the face and improve facial harmony. 


Fillers are an excellent way to give recessed chins a fine, natural looking projection. Chin and jaw fillers generally lasts about nine to twelve months.

When you think of a youthful face, plump cheeks is usually one of features suggestive of a young looking face. Whether aging has caused loss of volume and fat around the cheeks or one never had prominent cheekbones, dermal fillers can take care of the hollowing cheeks. 


Besides sculpting and adding definition to cheekbones, cheek fillers also gives a subtle lift with improvement over the nasolabial folds ( laugh lines) 

Bags and sunken areas under the eyes are a sign that makes one look older and tired. That is where the tear trough filler comes into play. In my practice, I use softer hyaluronic acid fillers to fill in the sunken areas beneath the eyes, at the same time giving the ‘eyebags’ a better support. 

This is my favourite procedure because it allows patient to look instantly rejuvenated and refreshed without going under the knife. 

Your temples give your upper face a smooth and contoured appearance. In a younger person, full temples help to cushion the face from the bone, and create a balanced facial contour while sweeping down to the thinner jaw. 


As we age, the temporal and forehead area begins to suffer from bone and fat loss. In my practice, I use dermal fillers to fill up the hollowing areas. This recontours and restores upper face volume and sometimes, it gives off a subtle lift like a mini facelift. 

Volume loss in this area may not even be picked up as many people are simply unaware that temples also age. It’s only after treatment that many people realise just how impactful a temple filler treatment can be.

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