Schwarzy Body Slimming Treatment: A Comprehensive Guide

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Understanding Swhwarzy

Schwarzy is a safe and effective system to produce a pain-free fatigue without the exercise. Schwarzy uses a magnetic field that generates an electric field inside the body that stimulates muscle fibre contractions. Repeated muscle fiber contractions will burn calories and in time increases muscle tone and strength while burning fats.

The Schwarzy system is superior to the conventional EMS (electrical muscle stimulation); whereby muscle contractions are stimulated by electrical impulses by applying electrodes to the skin. The electrical impulses have to pass through the skin which may cause an unpleasant experience.

In contrast with EMS, magnetic stimulation does not have to be in contact with the skin for the muscles to be stimulated. Magnetic stimulation has also been shown to have deeper penetration and Schwarzy is shown to have a uniform spread of magnetic field over the muscle tissue.

Schwarzy Techniques and Technologies

Treatment protocols using Schwarzy can be tailored to each of our client’s needs.

There are three main protocols for three different groups of people, ranging from those with no physical activities, minimal physical activity or exercise and those who exercise regularly.

People who are sedentary will be starting out with the aerobic protocol which aims to kick start and activate the dormant muscles at a gentler pace and subsequently picks up to muscle shaping for people who are looking to tone their muscles and lastly muscle strengthening to increase overall muscle strength and to increase muscle mass for those who hit the gym more often. Areas that can be targeted include, abdomen, thighs, gluts, calves, arm and forearms.

Schwarzy vs. Traditional Slimming Methods

A desirable body with the ‘chiselled abs’ would require you to reach a body fat percentage of less than 20%, usually at the 15% range. The traditional ways to increase lean muscle mass and to reduce body fat would require us to undergo strict calorie counting, a high protein diet and rigorous exercises with the aim of increasing our BMR (Basal metabolic rate is defined as the amount of energy expenditure needed to sustain our most basic body functions such as breathing and regulating our heartbeat.) and also to increase our physical activity so as to burn more calories every day.

For this to happen, we aim to increase muscle mass and reduce overall body fat. But every now and then we go off rails and fall off our diet with our busy and hectic schedules, leaving us with a sedentary lifestyle.

Schwarzy mitigates the hassle and fuss and allows us to work on targeted areas that we desire to concentrate and improve on without burning out the entire body. A session of Schwarzy would take around 20-45 minutes; minus the blood, sweat and tears.

Safety and Side Effects of Schwarzy

Schwarzy’s flat magnetic stimulation technology is FDA approved and is safe to use. However, it is not advisable for clients who are pregnant or have an implant at the intended targeted area. Other precautions to be taken include remove any metal accessories or electronic devices prior to treatment.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Studies have shown that significant results were seen within a month with 8 sessions, twice a week with a minimum of two days of rest in between each session.

Schwarzy is not recommended in those who are pregnant or those with cardiac implants or implants at the targeted region.

The results of Schwarzy are long lasting but varies and depending on the subsequent lifestyle undertaken by the person.

Schwarzy is recommended and shown to have a synergistic effect when paired with Onda.

With it’s Flat Magnetic System; Schwarzy is guaranteed to show results and at the same time provide a comfortable session as compared to the conventional EMS.

Final Words

So if you are tired of struggling with the traditional methods of body sliming, Kaiteki clinic is thrilled to offer Schwarzy that will help you on your transformation journey to a healthier and more confident ‘You’.

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