Botulinum toxin or rather known as botox is that miracle toxin that helps to eliminate wrinkles. It is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures all over the world and is no stranger to those seeking perfection in their face.

However, do you know botulinum toxin have other benefits like body contouring ?

Well, now you know!

Besides making your face slimmer , it can also help relieve shoulder aches, improve posture and tension headaches! How amazing is that?

How does Botulinum Toxin help in body contouring?

Previously I’ve mentioned about the functions of botox here. But just a recap : botulinum toxin inhibits the neurotransmitter, a chemical signal that transmits the message across from nerves to muscle thus relaxing the muscles.

Now, let’s understand more on how this works for people who have bad posture or those who wants to seek out a slimmer, more feminine silhouette.

Shoulder slimming

Trapezius is a large flat muscle which extends from the neck to the back and shoulders. It is responsible for the shoulder movements like shrugging, turning the head and retracting the shoulder bone ( scapula).

Some people naturally have bigger bulk of trapezius muscles genetically whilst some are due to unhealthy posture like hunching over time. How often do you hear people complaining of ‘knots’ or tightness over the shoulders? Well, I, for one, am one of those people who often need a shoulder massage!

An overactive trapezius can happen when we constantly use those muscles even at a low intensity eg : working on the computer too long or leaning over to read on your phone.

These repetitive motions do not allow the muscles to rest adequately and hence lead to stress and irritation of the muscle fibres. This can slowly lead to an overactive trapezius, contributing to hypertrophy of the muscles.

This has become a common sight for the coming generation as our phones become our priority and we often hunch or lean forward to use our phones. Some severe cases can result in upper crossed syndrome aka ‘turtle neck’. The muscles in the neck, shoulders, and chest become deformed, usually as a result of poor posture.

Botox can be injected into certain points in the shoulder, relaxing the shoulder muscles. As the overactivity of the muscles are reduced, the muscles loses the bulk and size. The results?

Slimmer shoulders, elegant neckline and more feminine collarbones that’s for sure!

Calves slimming

Gastrocnemius is the chief calf muscle of the leg. Some people have bulkier calf muscles due to prolonged wear of heels, sports or genetics. Calves have a layer of subcutaneous fat too but this does not account much for the bulky size hence liposuction may not work too well.

How botox helps in this sense is that it blocks the peripheral motor nerves to the gasctrocnemius and thus reducing the activity of the muscles. This leads to a reduction in the muscle bulk size.

reducing muscle bulk effectively without undergoing surgeries

How long can the result last?

Botulinum toxin lasts 4-6 months. These 4-6 months is ideal as you can train up your posture and correct those bad habits !

Is it safe?

Botulinum toxin has been used for years and there are many studies on the efficacy and safety profile. So don’t worry, it is safe. However, do bear in mind that the dosage of botox, the administration methods and doctor’s experience matters !

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Dr Chew

Dr Chew

Dr Chew's love for discovering new knowledge and keen eye on beauty motivated her to pursue aesthetic medicine where she practices with delectation. Often placing herself in patient’s shoes, she listens with empathy and goes the extra mile to ensure satisfaction from them. She is an accomplished Aesthetic Physician with MBBS, MAC certification and specializes in lasers and injectables.
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