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Botox – a common treatment that is loved by many and yet, misunderstood by many. We probably may know someone who has done botox and looked like they spent a fortune eating collagen. No fine lines, no wrinkles! Isn’t that great?

But whenever I recommend botox to my patients, they will immediately declare:

‘I don’t want to look like < insert name of some celebrity > ’

Is this true though? Will you have that kind of frozen look after botox?

Well, let me put the rumors to rest and answer all the burning questions you may have! ( wow it rhymes ! lol!)

So what is this miracle wrinkle eraser? What is botox all about?

First of all, botox is a trademark brand.  There are many brands in the market currently like Dysport, Xeomin etc. The composition of ‘botox’ is a purified neurotoxin, called botulinium toxin A and it is derived from a bacteria called Clostridium Botulinum.

FUN FACT :  It is actually accidentally founded in year 1987 by Dr Jean, an ophthalmologist who used this neurotoxin for a condition called blepharospasm which is spasm of the eyelids. Then, one day, her patient informed that she was happy as her wrinkles disappeared whenever she had the injection for her blepharospam. Over dinner, Dr Jean discussed this with her husband, Dr Alistair, a dermatologist and they both started trying botulinium toxin on patients. The effect was phenomenal and it took the world by storm!

What does botulinum toxin do?

Botulinum toxin actually inhibits the neurotransmitter, a chemical signal that transmits the message across from nerves to muscle thus relaxing the muscles. By blocking local nerve impulses to specific muscles within your face, albeit temporarily, it also prevents the muscles from contracting hence the facial expression lines also will be lesser.

How is it carried out?

Only a licensed medical practitioner can carry out this procedure. A specific amount of toxin is injected to the muscles. The location of the muscles must be carefully identified before injecting the toxins and also, the dosage of the toxin is important. If done correctly, botulinum toxin effects look natural and you can have all the expressions you want, just looking a little younger!

I want to look young fast! When can I expect the results?

Botox results isn’t immediate like fillers. It can only be appreciated around 3-7 days after the procedure or up to 4 weeks if injected into bigger muscles. So plan your treatment timing before any big events!

Are the results permanent?

No, the effect of toxin only lasts between 4 to 6 months, depending on the individual’s capabilities to metabolize this toxin. This is a just temporary effect and therefore, no worries about any disfiguration!

hat are the common places for botulinum injections?

There are many uses for botulinum toxin in the medical aspect. It can help treat focal spasticity, migraine, excessive sweating and of course, also for cosmetic purposes.

I hear injections and needles. Is it painful?

Not really. The amount of pain is bearable as we use small fine needles for it. A paper cut is definitely much more painful!

Ok, now I know I won't look frozen but are there any side effects I should know of?

Some bruising might be expected and minimal bleeding if done correctly. Occasionally, diffusion of botulinum toxin may happen and lead to other muscles being weakened. Fret not though as it is not a permanent problem !

Since you’re at this article, I would also like to address a common myth that made people confused. 

‘ I look older than before after I getting botox’ 


After using toxin continuously for years, the muscles can be trained not to make wrinkle forming expressions as aggressively.  Since some people got used to having smoother skin, once the toxin wears off, it may feel different  but rest assured, it does not make you look older !  

Hope you’re able to understand more about botulinum toxin! People who have been into botulinum toxins are often satisfied with the results!

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