8 Facts About Botox

Table of Contents Introduction Botox – a common treatment that is loved by many and yet, misunderstood by many. We probably may know someone who has done botox and looked like they spent a fortune eating collagen. No fine lines,

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ellanse cover

Ellanse – Everything You Need to Know

Table of Contents Introduction Ellanse or known as 少女针 in Mandarin have been making waves all around in China and Malaysia. So what exactly is it and what makes it so attractive ? Here’s everything you need to know about

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Fillers vs Botox

Fillers vs Botox: Which is Better?

Table of Contents Introduction “Fillers vs Botox. Which one is suitable for me? Or both?” This is a frequent question asked by my lovely patients such as : “Doctor, which is better, fillers or Botox ?” “Doctor, I saw my

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common area for fillers

The Five Most Common Areas for Fillers

The two main reasons why people want fillers:  Aging. Age can show up in a variety of ways. Hollow cheeks, thinning lips and sunken temples, you name it.  Wanting to look more attractive and enhance facial contour. Every year, over

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